Regency Bodice Plays 2 : Sleeveless Bodice

Ever since I have been into Regency costuming I wanted to make a sleeveless bodice. This might have a little to do with my Bavaro-Austro-Czech aesthetics (dirndl bodice, anyone?). But mostly, I have always wanted to have some of the things Joséphine Bonaparte owned. This amazing silk bodice at Château Malmaison has been inspiring me… Continue reading Regency Bodice Plays 2 : Sleeveless Bodice


Regency Bodice Plays 1 – Bodiced Petticoat

Again, it has been a while since I last updated the blog. But tonight I had an itch to write about some of the pretty stuff I finished earlier this year. So here's a quick post to sum up the new bodiced petticoat which I have grown to love. I drafted the it using the… Continue reading Regency Bodice Plays 1 – Bodiced Petticoat


A 17th-century hood – a year later

Whoops, has it already been a year since I found the job? Apparently it has, and it has been a turbulent one. I spent much time adjusting, quietly sewing away in my corner, doing some creative writing, and tentatively volunteering at a local museum. Somehow, blogging fell short among it all. Now I remembered that… Continue reading A 17th-century hood – a year later


A Sewing Sunbonnet

While I was working on my entry for the current Historical Sew Monthly challenge, the weather here decided to become unusually warm for May. So I could sit outside and sew on the terrace. Because it was very sunny out there, I decided to whip up a quick sunbonnet over the long Pentecost weekend. Since… Continue reading A Sewing Sunbonnet


Adding Some Bling

Actually, wearing and making jewelry were never really my thing. But, since I am into historical costuming, I realized that the ladies of "my" eras really loved their bling. And that changed my mind. Now I really love the look of historical and historically inspired jewelry. Since my costuming budget is somewhat tight until further… Continue reading Adding Some Bling


A Regency Apron Tutorial

Remember the smock apron I finished in March? Yesterday I found the pattern again. It was hiding in a vase in the living room. Not sure how it got there... LOL. Now I could get cracking on the drafting tutorial for you at last. Federal-era smock apron, c. 1800, Colonial Williamsburg, Accesion 1995-33. The pattern… Continue reading A Regency Apron Tutorial

Dreamy, Hands-on

HSM #3: A Regency Smock Apron

As I take a break from sewing the sleeve wings on my 1630s bodice, I am using the time to finally share a bit about my new smock apron with you. It came together in the last "bodice break". So far, I did not have the chance to wear it with my costume. But that… Continue reading HSM #3: A Regency Smock Apron


Regency Apron Research

I did it again! I finished a project without writing all the blog posts first. So now seems a good time to unravel the planning behind the Regency apron I just finished for the Historical Sew Monthly. Some of you may still remember my Regency half apron from 2016. Now I wanted one that covers… Continue reading Regency Apron Research


1630s Bodice Update

Since the last post, the work on the bodice has been puttering along nicely. The main body is put together now and the sleeves are waiting to be finished. Last weekend, I decided to give things a little break to work on something for the Historical Sew Monthly's March challenge. So now is a good… Continue reading 1630s Bodice Update


16th-Century Sweete Bag – Start to Finish

Some time ago, I hinted at a surprise gift I was embroidering for a friend. Two months later, the mailman has done his job and it has finally reached its home overseas. Now I can show off the details to you all. I made a crewelwork sweete bag, based on an extant original in the… Continue reading 16th-Century Sweete Bag – Start to Finish