A New Family Member

A New Family Member

Meet the newest addition to my family.

This is my new “baby”, the first sewing machine I have ever owned. His name is Obadiah, or Obi, for short. He arrived yesterday and is still in his terrible twos. I am trying to get him to work properly, which he doesn’t yet. That is why I named him Obadiah, after Sergeant Hakeswill whom I don’t like much. Sometimes, when I read a Sharpe novel, I like to yell at him. And this Obi still needs some shouting at, too.

Once we are past the shouting matches though, I will finally get to sewing part of my short stays with him. I can’t wait…



PS: Today I have finally gathered my mojo and signed up for the Historical Sew Fortnightly 2014 for real. I think it will be much fun. :D


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