Historical Sew Fortnightly ’14 – An Agenda

Hello sewing crowd,

Since I decided to jump on the big Historical-Sew bandwagon earlier this year, my follow-list is bursting with creativity. The experience of meeting so many fellow historical seamstresses, looking at their projects and talking about our sewing plans has been amazing. I would love to finally have some projects to show you, too. As it happens, the wonderful Leimomi Oakes has recently posted the complete list of this year’s HSF challenges on her blog. Going from that, here is my HSF sewing agenda:

The Definitelies

#4: Under it All – Making the foundations of my outfit: For this one I am already busily working on my Regency chemise and short stays. For this project, I am using Sensibility’s “Regency Underthings” pattern.

#5: Bodice – Making a historical bodice: I am planning to re-make a bodiced petticoat from the Metropolitan Museum’s collection. More on that very soon…

#7: Tops & Toes – Creating accessories for head and feet: This challenge will be the right spot for the Cap “à la Russe” I have told you about earlier.

#13: Under $10 – Sew something for under $10: As I know a place selling inexpensive blouse fabrics, I would like to try and make an Edwardian shirtwaist for this. Otherwise there is also a Regency bustle pad waiting to be whipped up…

#21: Re-Do – Re-doing a previous challenge: This challenge gives me space for all the fun stuff I will be missing due to uni work. Most likely, I will make my redingote or the wrap-around walking dress for it.

#23: Modern History – Sewing something historical for everyday wear: As I have already threatened my parents with making an Edwardian corset skirt for Christmas Eve, this challenge will come just in time to go through with this ambitious little endeavor. 

The Maybes

#10: Art – Something based off an artwork: Just the right excuse to make that wraparound dress…

#12: Shape & Support – Make a supportive garment to change your shape: If I do not manage to make my stays in March I will squeeze them into this one.

#15: The Great Outdoors – Create an item for outdoor pursuits: Hoping to make my green-and-black coach habit/Redingote for this, if my busy summer schedule will let me. Otherwise, there will always be the re-do… ;)

#16: Terminology – Make something defined in Leimomi’s Great Historical Fashion and Textile Glossary: As there is an entry for Calico in it, this challenge is an incentive to make a certain 1810s day dress. ;)

The Surprise Egg

#22: Fort-nightliers’ Choice – We will learn about this one in June. My idea would be an “old photos” challenge. Quite a few people in the group have been asking about making dresses worn in old family photos. I still have one of my great-gran wearing a gorgeous 1910s summer dress. Wouldn’t that be fun? I can’t wait to hear the other HSF-ers’ suggestions. :)

Oh my, writing about the challenges has gotten me all excited… I will go and jump up and down here for a bit.

See you all soon,



6 thoughts on “Historical Sew Fortnightly ’14 – An Agenda

  1. Kura says:

    For someone who has also had trouble making completed outfits, I’m so glad Leimomi has laid out all the challenges early on. I think that will help me shape my sewing year into (hopefully) coming up with finished garments. Good luck with your projects :)


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