Some Renovations

Finally, I am happy with my blog’s design.

Since November, I have been juggling around themes, colors and images to see what best fits my blog. Now I am finally there. Today I found out that the ‘Clean Home’ theme can be changed from solid into semi-transparent white.

So it was time to remove some clutter and say “Bye-bye ‘Bold Life’, it was nice to have you.” Not that it was not pretty. But on the long run, the narrow, canvas-y post section made my eyes ache a bit. The new design offers a lot more space and clarity. And I can finally use a proper cursive font the previous themes did not quite support. Besides, did you notice how the smileys in your comments are not scattered all over the place anymore? Yay. :D

I am very interested to know which theme you like better, the old one or the makeover?

Best, Nessa

PS: Now you also know what it is like to go fabric shopping with me. I can be a bit picky about the patterns and textures of the materials I use. Sometimes I pull a proper Sherlock (“No.” “No!” “Boring. Next!”) before I finally know what to get. – But who does not?


5 thoughts on “Some Renovations

  1. Dawn says:

    The delicate theme is really appropriate. I’ll admit, I’m a wee bit nervous of transitioning themes… the last time I did it, it messed up a bunch of the formatting, and I regretted it. :( Did you find any hiccups with the transition?

    • Nessa says:

      Thank you for the feedback, Dawn. :) Admittedly, I was really nervous, too. So I tried it all out on my self-hosted page first. Compared to the two previous themes, this one had barely any hiccups, though, other than some transparent images suddenly having a box around them. But that’s fixed now, ;)


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