A Farewell to the Library

Soon I will be leaving Vienna…

… and the fashion archive will leave with me. On Wednesday I went there for a last research session. For the first time, I also had a very nice chat with the curator. She told me that the whole archive will be moving out of the hunting lodge within the next weeks. They are relocated to a central museum collection in a small village that is not exactly nearby. This made me a little sad because the location in the fashion school’s palatial buildings seemed a perfect match.

But at least we are both moving at the same time. ;) And the farewell was a very warm one. As a little memento of the good, yet brief, time I have had at the library, I would like to share some of my sketches with you. Even though Art was one of my high-school majors, they are not as pretty as the drawings I have seen on Kura’s blog, but I hope you can enjoy them anyway. Most of them are taken from Ackermann’s Repository (1810-19) and Wiener Moden-Zeitung (1817-19).

On this last visit I have also gotten hold of two original Edwardian block patterns, a 1908 shirtwaist and corset skirt. For me, it was the find of the year so far. Besides, I have taught myself to draft them using Inkscape (a free line-draw software). If you are interested in how that works, I will make a quick tutorial for you on here. Because a tiled PDF-pattern sheet does beat a brown-paper one… ;)

Love, Nessa


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