A Time to Chill?

Probably not… there is too much going on.

It is the first week back in my apartment and I have been buzzing around a fair bit. There is a lot of things to organize, sewing-wise as well as for my upcoming thesis. But, after settling on a great topic with the professor on Friday, I took the day off to wander around Hamburg. I checked out a new source for notions and paid a visit to Mahler which is pretty much fabric dreamland, if you have a little money to spare. But I did strike a bargain, buying their last period-correct cotton muslin: six yards and a bit for about 20 bucks. :D

After walking all the way there, and back, I took a break at my favorite coffee shop. Usually, I am not for the big chain joints, but this one has the most awesome ceiling of gold-painted wood panels. I could stare at it for hours. Here is a little impression for you:


Gazing at the ceiling at my favorite Hamburg coffee shop…

Yet the sewing has not been quite as laid back …

Since two of my fellow bloggers already had some tough sewing luck this week, I will readily join in on the ranting and venting:

My stays and the new sewing machine will never make great friends, so much is for sure. Neither will these moody slashed bust gussets and me… Because I cut a little too close to the edge, the bottom nibs did not get caught in the seams. Now they are fraying upwards and out, on the right side of the fabric. I tried to fix them by binding the bottom edges with embroidery floss. But the thread was too heavy on the fabric. So I ripped it out again, leaving the shell fabric holed and the gusset edges more frayed than ever. Needless to say I have had an epic sewer’s block until earlier tonight.

Then the remedy for these self-inflicted potholes presented itself: Vinegar water! It has been sitting there in my plant caddy for a long time and I totally forgot about it. So I gave it a try and sprayed it on the holed sections, ironing over the wet fabric with a hot iron. And *sizzle* the holes were gone, not to mention my sewer’s block. This stuff really is magic. I only ever used it to lay and iron pleats before, but it can do so much more than that. (Yay!)

If you want to make your own, just add a dash of white vinegar to the distilled water you use for your steam iron. :)

Saving my gussets with vinegar water.

Saving the gussets with vinegar water.

If all goes uphill from here, I might still finish my Underthings in time for HSF #4 and have enough space to get cracking on HSF #5. I will let you in on my scheme for this one soon, promised. Until then, the best of sewing luck to us all. ;)

Yours, Nessa


8 thoughts on “A Time to Chill?

    • Nessa says:

      That sounds like a very good idea. Ironing wet things isn’t very forgiving on the soles of most irons. Finding out that it makes small needle holes a bit better was pure luck. Usually, I only use it for pleating. But it works a charm either way. :)


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