HSF #5: A Bodice, with some extra Fabric

And finally, it is time for the little preview I promised you.

For HSF #5 “Bodice”, I will be making … *drum roll* a bodiced petticoat. Because, even though it is a bodice plus skirt, the bodice is the most important part of the whole construction. But it will not just be any petticoat. My very ambitious goal is to replicate this beauty from the Metropolitan Museum’s collection. From the time I first saw it, I knew it was just the thing I wanted:

For the petticoat I bought about 3 yards of light lavender cotton poplin. Since this beauty will need to do some heavy skirt-lifting, I did not feel confident using the extra-light muslin for it. And, my hope is that the purple tone might make a see-through white dress appear a little whiter. If it will look more blue-gray than white, this idea was just another result of me having misheard something during art class due to improperly washed ears. But it is worth a try. ;)

Before I posted this preview, I had a look at Kelly’s blog. Her bodiced petticoat just gave me some extra inspiration. Flat-felling the seams, for once, sounds like a very good idea to turn it into a really sturdy, durable undergarment. Besides, it might give me an excuse to finally post an easy flat-felling tutorial for you. Most of the instructions I have tried so far, sounded a bit too complicated…

As HSF #5 is a “Bodice” challenge, and not so much a petticoat one, there will be some research on the classic Regency “diamond” bodice, based on Hope Greenberg’s great ball gown research article. I am also planning to show you how to make a period-appropriate 1810s bodice from a modern-day “Empire” dress pattern. Of course, I *should* be drafting it from scratch in the first place, but why draft something new when you can alter something that already fits? Plus, as I find modern darts a bit annoying, this will be an awesome opportunity to eliminate some.

I hope to be back with more details, and probably one or two new tutorials, for your viewing pleasure soon. Just let me finish stitching the rest of those 5 yards of binding to HSF #4 first. This might take another while…

See you in a little bit,


PS: After I ruined the sole of my old Inox iron with an iron cleaner last fall, the sewing family got another addition today. My first-ever steam iron. His name is Sebastien of Steam. He is named after Sebastien Chabal, a French rugby player who lets off quite a lot of steam while playing. Perhaps I should stop naming all my electric devices. But then names help, should you need to insult them. ;)



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