HSF # 5: Sunday Impressions

Another lazy, sunny Sunday up North.

And actually, I should be working on my thesis here … But, as it is the weekend, I have decided to share a few photo impressions with you instead. Here is some progress on my bodiced petticoat for the HSF challenge #5: “Bodice”:

The Bodice Front

The gathered neckline.

This is the gathered neckline on top of the bodice front. It took some figuring-out to until I realized how to get the drawstring to lace to one side, like it does in the extant original. For the binding, I used some handmade bias tape. :)

6 yards of handmade binding. =)

The Skirt Bottom

As with the chemise, there will be lace. I hemmed it in with bias tape on the back and, finding some left-over hemp cord, decided to put in some doubled cording at the back.

A lacy bottom hem.

Adding some removable hemp cording.

The Fabric And I…

As you might have already read on facebook, the fabric has my knickers in a twist. It is a really pretty lavender cotton poplin. But, after washing and ironing, it has turned out to be almost un-hand-sewable and pretty resistant to pinning. As it is so difficult, and yet so very pretty, I have nicknamed it “Marilyn”. And here is what Marilyn does to my pins, not to mention her need of extra easing:

A pin, smitten by the fabric.

The big easing…

But, all in all, I love this fabric… oh Marilyn, you have stolen this costumer’s heart. ;)

Wishing you a lovely Sunday.




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