HSF #5: A Lavender Petticoat

This week has been a bit busy, but today I finally get to show you some details of the completed “Bodice” challenge. I hereby present to you Lady Marilyn Lavender, my bodiced petticoat. *beams* First of all, here are the challenge specifics:

The Challenge: #5 Bodice.

Fabric: Light lavender cotton poplin.

Pattern: My own, made from a modern bodice pattern with period alterations. The whole project was inspired by an extant petticoat, from the Metropolitan Museum’s collection.

Year: 1810-ish.

How accurate is it? About 65%. The fabric was almost completely resistant to all hand-sewing attempts, so 3/4 of the seams are sewn by machine.
*cringes and hides*. The buttonholes, casings and pleats are all hand-made, though. I really wished there would be more hand-sewn things about it.

Notions: Punched lace and doubled hemp cord for the hem; bias tape; soft bobbin tape for the drawstrings; 2 buttons.

Hours to complete: Approximately a week… what’s that in hours?

First worn: For photos and fitting.

Total cost: About € 18.

How happy am I with it? All in all, very happy. It fits over my stays perfectly, giving a lot of extra support. I am pretty stunned about suddenly having a proper Regency “shelf” shape, front and back. Now I really want to make a little bustle pad to complete the look. :)

And now, here are some pictures of the finished project. For some additional details, have a quick look-see at last week’s post, over here. ;)

The front: My version compared to the “original” at the Met.

The back.

The center back view: Buttons, a drawstring, and some pleats.

Hand-bound buttonholes. =)

The front view: Double drawstring casing, tucks and the waistband, finished to the outside.

Regency-style “princess” seam and lowered shoulder seam line at the back.

The bottom end: Shortening tucks, punched lace and a peek at the removable cording.

And that was my little challenge update already. I promise to be good again now and blog some more. After hours, my thesis produces quite a few sewn by-products, wanting to be shared. And, blogging about them for you, is definitely one of my biggest inspirations.

See you all soon.




2 thoughts on “HSF #5: A Lavender Petticoat

  1. Tea in a Teacup says:

    You have done a great job reproducing this! It looks lovely, and the touch of lace around the bottom is just perfect. (If I had of realised that bodiced petticoats had lace, I would have put some on mine!)

    I also noticed that the waistband on this one is quite low (compared to dresses of the time), which makes me feel better cos I accidentally made my bodiced petticoat waistline too low and now I can pretend it was on purpose!

    • Nessa says:

      Thank you so much. =) I did not know about the lace before seeing this extant one, either. So that was all the more reason to reproduce it.

      As for the waistband: I made the toile to fit over my short stays and felt much comfier about having it a little lower, too. This way it stops the stays from getting funny ideas, such as hiking up. ;)

      Funnily I saw a girl on Youtube the other day, who had made a regular Regency petticoat, without the bodice. It was high-waisted, with the waistline coming up in the exact same area, and not much higher. So, no real “accident” there.


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