And the Oscar goes to… – My first blog award, ever.

This may be a little off-topic, but not really: Back in February, my follower BMary gave me a Liebster Award, because she really enjoyed the things I blog about. I was more than a little flattered when she told me. Usually, I am no big fan of blog memes, but this one is a little different. The aim is to promote blogs with fewer than 200 followers to a wider audience. So, this time, I will join in on the game and spread it a little across our little island of historical sewing blogs. :)


Here is what I have to do to claim the Liebster Award:

First, thank the blogger who has nominated me: Thank you again, BMary. I feel very, very honored. :)

Second, nominate ten other blogs I adore and notify them of the nomination. After long and careful consideration, here are those ten bloggers I would love to receive an award for their wonderful work:

  • Making Makes My Life – Kura’s sewing and thrifting blog. I pretty much love every post she writes.
  • Threading Through Time – Susan, and her sewing persona Lady Constance, telling the world about their historical sewing projects and all the fun and trials surrounding them. Nicely written and full of beautiful historical sewing.
  • Fashion through History – Åsa’s inspiring sewing blog. We like the same periods of fashion, yet I find her creations much more stunning than mine.
  • Adventures in Bias Tape – Crystal’s historical sewing blog. Wonderfully written and great to look at.
  • Haeckelsdream – Silvermedusa’s blog was the first historical sewing diary I ever followed. She also writes about her famous ancestor Ernst Haeckel. We both like Regency and actually live in the same country.
  • Tea in a Teacup – Kelly’s blog was the one that first inspired me to start a Regency wardrobe, along with my own blog. Her creations never fail to inspire me.
  • The Bull Rampant – A fellow newbie seamstress working on her Regency wardrobe. She really deserves to be featured on here because I think what she has done so far all looks pretty awesome. :)
  • My Darling Dear and the Regency – Abigael is another blogger sewing gorgeous Regency fashion for the Historical Sew Fortnightly.
  • Dawn’s Dress Diary – Dawn blogs about her sewing and crafting endeavors. I love to read her diary and look at the beautiful things she makes.
  • WyldeHills Costuming – I found this blog through the HSF facebook group. Everything she sews is just perfect and stunning.

These are my ten nominees. I hope you will not mind the meme and join in on the fun. All of you really deserve an award for your writing, and sewing.

Third, come up with ten questions for your ten nominees to answer. As all of the blogs are related to historical sewing, there will also be some sewing questions included:

  1. What is your favorite historical period?
  2. How long have you been sewing, and how did you get into it?
  3. Which historical person would you like to meet and why?
  4. Do you have a favorite kind of fabric you enjoy working with?
  5. What will be your next project?
  6. Which place, in space and/or time, would you love to travel to?
  7. Where do you wear your sewing creations? Are you a regular at historical events or do you sew it just for yourself?
  8. Do you have a favorite clothing item, historical or modern?
  9. What is your favorite book?
  10. What are your other hobbies?

And fourth, answer the questions you received from the one who nominated you. So, here is my Q&A for BMary… this may be a bit embarrassing *blushes*:

1. Who do you know personally that inspires you the most and why?
Definitely, my dad. He has always had his own take on things and brought me up to be a free spirit, doing what feels right to me. From him, I also got my appreciation of classics, art and history.

2. What is your next goal or project?
Finishing my bachelor’s thesis on personality traits and psychopathy. I would like to finish it soon, along with some sewing. Preferably, without going all psycho myself… ;)

3. What have you always wanted to do?
Learn to play the harp or zither. Admittedly, I do own a zither, but so far I can’t really play it. Perhaps, one day.

4. What is your guilty pleasure song?
Currently, I would say “Landscape” by Florence and the Machine.

5. What’s your favorite animal?
This one is hard to pinpoint. I would say a barking turtle with fluffy cat ears. Does that count?

6. Where and what is your favorite place?
That certain armchair in the back corner of Spreegold café in Berlin. I have not seen it for a whole year now. But when I still lived there, you would find me sitting in it and reading, at least once a week. Here is a picture:

7. What song do I need to listen to, right now?
“Your Mother’s Son-In-Law” by DeeDee Bridgewater (originally it was sung by Billie Holiday though)

8. What is your favorite meal that you cook?
Black beans and rice.

9. Tell me a fun fact about yourself!
I have a French middle name. Not many people know it. But if you find out the first name of the main character I use in stories and role-plays sometimes, you will know it, too.

10. Post a picture of something that is important to you or something you care about.
Okay, now I am probably embarrassing myself. But this is Cal, my stuffed rabbit; she was a graduation gift from my parents. I am well over 20, yet she still travels with me everywhere I go. ;)


That should be all. I think I may leave the stage now and give the Liebster Award a place of honor on my sidebar. It is always a wonderful thing to know others enjoy the things you write, be it a blog post or fiction. I am still feeling chuffed, even a month later. :)

Love,  Nessa


26 thoughts on “And the Oscar goes to… – My first blog award, ever.”

      1. I can’t blame a thesis for my slowness. I’m still planning to enter HSF #5, albeit late, and am actally ahead on #7, just finished making an 1880s tall hat last night! will post blog about it next week. take care :)

        1. :) Splendid. Can’t wait to see it. I have never seen how a hat like this is actually made. Currently, I am stuck on #7. Caps look so easy, but they are pretty tricky, especially when you are blessed with an L/XL hat size. ;)

  1. I am blushing to my roots! And more than a bit chuffed, indeed. Thank you so much for the nomination. I love sharing my (mis)adventures and I’m so glad you enjoy sharing in the ride. Just wait until I jump back into Regency…

    1. You are very welcome.:) The sewing adventures are the part that makes the whole blogging experience exciting, to me at least. And reading how it isn’t always perfect for others, too, is actually a great encouragement. And please, do jump back into Regency soon. ;)

      1. The Regency fabric went into the washer today. Georgian, actually. I decided at my age it would be most accurate to “lag behind” a bit as older women would actually have done. :-)

        A novice nominee’s question – do I answer your 10 great questions here, on my blog, or both?

        1. Ohh, can’t wait to see what you will make of it. And the “lagging” part is a very good idea. It’s a thing some costumers like to overlook. The only costume drama I know offhand that got this bit right is the “War & Peace” mini-series with Malcolm McDowell. ;)

          And, I think the questions are meant to be answered on your blog. :)

  2. Yay! Thanks for putting up with my silly questions! :-) you always make such interesting things, I love reading your posts! I can’t wait to check out the blogs you nominated too! :-)

    1. Thank you again for the nomination. :) It feels really good to know that someone enjoys my posts so much. Most of the bloggers I nominated cover the same field of interest. Only the things they make are even prettier. I’m sure you will like them as well.
      And your questions were not so silly at all. Although, you did inadvertently make me post a pic of a cuddly toy… ;)

  3. Oh, Thank you so much! :-)
    I’ve read about these things before, and like you, were not exactly thrilled about them. But this Award acctully seams like a very good idea. So thank you again, and I will get on to write this post sometimes later this week.

    And as a bonus, I can tell you I’ve planing at least 2 regency dresses (compleat with Spencers and bonnets) this spring/summer…

    1. You are very welcome. =) And you do not need to hurry. It took me a month to post about my nomination, after all…

      Also, I can’t wait to see the dresses when you make them. At the moment, I only have my Regency underthings here and two new dresses in the planning. You will definitely finish yours first, though. ;) Do you have any Regency festivals or gatherings in Sweden where you get to wear them?

        1. That sounds awesome. My nearest Regency society is in the Netherlands, so it is a little trickier to get there. And now that you mention the historical dancing team: I have always liked Swedish country dancing, since my family has spent a few summer holidays in Dalarna when I was little. It is great you have one in your area. :)

  4. Thanks so much for the nomination! I also have been a little behind in blogging for the last few months. (Too busy sewing unfinished projects, which can’t be a bad thing!)

    But I am really excited and touched that I have somehow inspired you to get into Regency sewing and begin a blog… that is really cool!

    Looking forward to seeing more of your creations!

    1. You are very welcome. From the start, you really were my biggest inspiration to face the music and start my own blogging journey. Now it has become an invaluable experience to me. I don’t want to miss it anymore. Thank you for that. :)

      And I am much looking forward to seeing your projects when you finish them, too. :)


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