HSF #9: Wearing the Bum Roll

Even though it is a bit early to post this little project to the Historical Sew Fortnightly, I thought I would just write the challenge overview and post some photos of me wearing that chubby little roll. All in all, it turned out pretty well, but, as you will see in the pictures, it needs to be patted into shape some more so it can sit a tad higher. But what makes me the most happy about it: When I told Jennie that it was finally finished, she shared last week’s tutorial on the S&S Patterns Facebook page. For a teensy newbie historical seamstress like me that is a really big deal. So now I am a really chuffed little bunny. :)  After another little happy dance; here are the challenge facts:

The Challenge: HSF #9 “Black and White”.
Fabric: White cotton canvas for the shell, pink for the lining.
Pattern: Based on Farthingales’ Elizabethan bum roll tutorial.
Year: Georgian / Early Regency: 1790s-1800s.
Notions: Homemade stuffing from cotton scraps and 1 yd of twill tape.
How historically accurate is it? Fairly accurate. It is 75% hand-sewn on all visible seams and comes pretty close to the extant ones still around.
Hours to complete: About 10 hours.
First worn: For the photos and to try out the feel. Two-hundred grams of extra weight around the back end are an entirely new experience to me. ;)
Total cost: € 0.60 for the twill tape. Everything else was scrap fabric from my stash.

And here come the long-promised pictures to give you a little all-round view of the finished object. Oddly I cannot really bring myself to call it a garment. Or what would you say. would you call it one? :)

The back.

The front.

The side.

So, that should be it for today already. With the thesis demanding more than a little pat at the moment, I am glad I finally got to post this. Yet, there is something else that made me… another challenge item for the “Black and White” challenge. Not a Regency one though… it will be something much, much older.  ;) Stay tuned for a little surprise.

Love, Nessa



2 thoughts on “HSF #9: Wearing the Bum Roll

  1. Maureen Clayton says:

    I am impressed with your dedication. Love your history lessons. Great work , I will enjoy following you. So I still am not sure what a bom roll is for.

    • Nessa says:

      Thanks, Maureen. :) Well a bum roll or bustle cushion was used to give skirts a little more fullness at the rear to improve the silouette that was fashionable in the era. In earlier periods (like Elizabethan fashion) and later ones (the two Bustle Eras) they were worn lower, at the bum. My Regency roll is worn above that because of the higher waistline of the dresses. I hope that explained it better. :)


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