A Pilgrim’s Indispensables

It is time for the Medieval sewing journey to continue. The fair will be tomorrow and so I have spent the past few days making up two little projects, to be ready for all eventualities during the pilgrimage to the festival grounds: A cowl to keep my head warm and a pilgrim’s satchel to bring along all my stuff. They are both made from the same yard of green wool blend off the clearance table and some burgundy scrap gabardine left over from my Saxon over-tunic. And yes, that one is finished now, too. You will get to see some more of it later this weekend, just in time for the HSF’s “Art” challenge.

Until then, I will tell you a little more about the two indispensables going along with it:
I started the cowl and circular cape quite a while ago. It is a rendition of this free pattern, originally by Randall Whitlock. While the original pattern is basically a 24-inch circle without a front opening, mine has a sideways closure. For this, I cut the “circle” (okay, more of an octagon ;)) apart at the center front and attached an extra gore to one side. As the cape is self-line, I cut two circles and two gores. You can see the pieces laid out here:

The cape pieces, laid out for cutting the self-lining.

When the cape was all sewn together, I made the cowl from a square of fabric, lined with a few strips of red gabardine, sewn together from some scraps. It gives the lining an unintentional, but cute, stripey look. If you look really closely, you can spot some of the seams in this picture of the finished product:

Inside view of the finished cowl.


To get an idea how the hood drapes over the shoulders, here is a back view of me wearing the cowl. In the front view right below, you can see the sideways button closure. (Please excuse my slumped shoulder ;).) The two loops you can see in the image above are what fastens the front gore over the circular bit.

Back view of the hood.

Front view of the button closure.


After the cowl was finished, I turned the leftover rectangle of wool fabric into the pilgrim’s bag. I got the inspiration from Sarah’s satchel, which is so much prettier than mine. It really only is a piece of cloth folded twice with the raw edges overlapping on the inside. I shaped the flap a little and faced in the edges with a bit of the burgundy stuff. For the eyelet closure I whipped on a plastic eyelet with a length of purl yarn and attached a short leather lace to go through it. Here is a close-up of the finished item:

The finished bag.


And now, the Medieval pilgrimage can finally begin. I will tell you all about it once I get back. :)


Love, Nessa
PS: The other day, I felt a bit audacious and started a Facebook page for this blog, to keep you all up to speed with the latest news and updates. If you would like to “like” it, just follow the link in the sidebar. :)




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