Unexpected Things (and a bit of a hiatus)

As some of you already know, I will be separated from my sewing for the month since I am doing an internship far away from home. Well, not that far away… in Bavaria, which is actually my heart’s home because the biggest part of my family are Southerners.

So, I just wanted you to know that I am still around and to explain the longish silence on the blog. The decision to give my sewing a rest for the next few weeks was a practical one, because yes, I was only allowed to bring 45 lbs with me on the plane and I am staying in a smallish, but very lovely, attic room here. Besides the work is taxing but also a lot of fun. When I get back home in August, my latest Regency projects will commence, but there will be some shuffling-around with the HSF challenges to be sure. I have a feeling that the “Terminology” challenge will be getting a wee bit overcrowded, not to speak of the “Re-do”. =)

And, since this is Bavaria, I do not have to go without wearing costume the whole time. On the weekends I am making a point of donning my folk-wear clothes, such as one of my dirndl dresses (sadly I only had space to bring one of my five) and my cropped wool jacket. And yesterday I lucked into buying a vintage, embroidered “Mieder” which is worn over a blouse but shapes the bust in a very similar way to my Regency short stays.

Speaking of which, I also got myself a little sewing goodie for when I return home. Usually I try to do without commercial patterns, but as I had a lot of difficulty drafting my own split drawers, I got this: With a few alterations, the Civil-War era chemise should also do well as a spare one for my Regency wardrobe. ;)

In any way, I will try to keep the posting, and sewing, break as short as possible and will try to be back with you by August. I will also be checking in to read about your beautiful creations whenever I can. Until then, I wish you all the best.

Take care, Nessa



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