Back In Business

Hello again everyone,

After six long weeks of going without needlework and blogging, it feels really great to be back with you. To be honest, I have missed you all at least as much as the sewing. But now I am back and I promise I will be following your sewing ventures more closely again. :) As far as my own sewing goes, the time away from the blog has left me bursting with new ideas. On top of that, I have also stocked up my stash with a few new sewing goodies. Here is a quick summary of all that is new:

New Ideas

Without sewing materials at hand, my creative side got a little stir crazy. As a result, I got back home with a whole pile of new ideas. The inspiration for them came mainly from scavenger hunts through Pinterest, but also from questions and projects making the rounds in the historical sewing groups on Facebook. They really are an invaluable source of inspiration. :) All in all, the following new Regency ideas have popped up:

The open robe I have been wanting to make ever since I started this blog has finally gotten a face. I would like it to be sleeveless and tied with a string. As for the fabric, I am currently drooling over some saffron and burgundy-colored cottons with small floral prints. Additionally, I have also started plotting a short gown from a similar fabric in a different color.

As far as fitting underthings go, I realized that my bodiced petticoat might be a little sweaty for summer wear. So it is time for a lighter linen petticoat, without a full bodice. On top of that there are also the split drawers from the Simplicity pattern I have showed you last time. And once those two things are done, it will be due time for my first chemisette, or maybe two, or three…

Lastly, I have decided that it is finally time to start making my first reticule. As I have not done much embroidery lately, it will feature some colorful floral work, based on period patterns. There are so many awesome patterns out there and I am really aching to bring some of them to life in my embroidery loom. I really can’t wait :)

New Goodies

When I got back home last week, my mother introduced me to a new shopping center not far away from where they live. And the place also boasts a new fabric store. It is a branch of a Danish chain called “Stof & Stil”. They sell a lot of affordable, but not too bad, cottons and linens. Some of them have the most delicious floral prints which helped inspire me to make the open robe and short gown. Thanks to them I have now stocked up my strategic muslin reserves to a whole of 12 yards. Yay. :D

As they also sell a lot of tools and notions, I finally got around to buying a new pair of embroidery scissors. They are rather simple and do not look like anything special, but they cut like a charm. You can also see them in the photo of my current project below. ;)

And, today I did something really unusual: I bought another pattern. Normally, I try to self-draft and pattern whatever I can, but today I got a little weak. As Jennie is currently holding a 15% sale at Sensibility Patterns, I have finally decided to get her “Elegant Lady’s Closet” pattern. It features a nice variety of Regency dresses and one of them has a crossover bodice. I have a feeling that it will come in very handy when I start making the shawl-front gown from Wiener Moden-Zeitung…

Old Friends

But there are not only new sewing adventures, waiting to be discovered. There are also some old ones, aching to be completed. For once, there is my first 1800s dress, based on Janet Arnold’s smock pattern. It has been sitting here all this time, but now the bodice is nearing completion, just in time for the HSF “Terminology” challenge. Here is a little update on the bodice:

The bodice progress… and the new scissors.

Assembling this little beast has been quite a challenge of its own. But it feels great to finally see it made up in the fashion fabric. Now it is due time to get cracking on the skirt. I will keep you posted on the progress.

But for now, that is all from my end. It really is good to be back. I was also more than happy that Gwenyver at Confessions of a Costumeholic nominated me for yet another Liebster Award. I will try and answer her questions here very soon. And then, I might also start a new round of nominations as well. There really are more than a few of you who deserve an award for their stunning and inspiring creations. :)

Much love and until very soon,




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