Introducing: Project Boudoir

Hello again everyone,

After the heads-up on my autumn sewing plans in the last post, it is due time I revealed a little more to you. As I have already mentioned last time, I am going to make a few cozy Regency items for the cold season awaiting ahead. Perhaps you have already guessed what I am about to make. For, when the days grow chillier and the nights get longer, what is homelier than a comfy set of period undress? Nothing, really.

Since there is more than one garment in the making, the whole project will have a working title: “Project Boudoir”.

Now, for a little explanation: What exactly is the boudoir and what does it have to do with nightwear?
In former times, the boudoir used to be a lady’s private bed and dressing room. Here, women went about their toilette, dressed themselves or simply spent some quality time, all on their own. Hence, translated back from French, “boudoir” literally means “sulking room”. And, if not for sulking, the boudoir was also the perfect place to skulk around in your jammies on a rainy Sunday. Only that our modern pyjamas cannot really hold a candle to their Regency-era equivalents… ;)

Mme. Juliette Récamier lounging in her undress.
Painting: “Madame Récamier” by François Gérard (1802).

As part of this project, there will be a research post on the garments worn around bed time in the early 19th century. Even though there is loads of info to be found on the other facets of Regency fashion, this certain aspect has received less attention. Luckily, at least a few fellow bloggers and sources have already ventured into the material.But, before I will put together some core facts for you, you will get to see the first finished item of my Regency undress (yay!).

So, please stay tuned for more boudoir stories (of the non-saucy kind)…

Love, Nessa



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