Project Boudoir: The Cap

And here is the promised look at the first boudoir garment I finished a few days ago: A simple dressing cap, or boudoir cap. These were worn while the lady was in the process of dressing for the day, to protect the clothes from stray hairs, to hide curlers, or the out-of-bed hair mess some of us find when they get up in the morning. My inspiration came from these two American linen caps from the Met’s collection:

American Regency dressing cap from the Met, linen.

American linen cap, c. 1812, also from the Met collection.

Since my hair has grown out pretty well now and I already have a European hat size 56 (Ladies’ XL), my version of the cap had to be a little longer, and somewhat wider than these two.  To construct it, I went with the simple cap pattern I drafted when making the Cap à la Russe. It is basically a flat semicircle to which I added two matching strips of fabric for the brim and a longer one for the front ruffle. In the process of making it, I trimmed down the long side from 56 to about 54 cm while leaving the brim as it was. This created the slightly hanging side pieces.

The basic cap pattern.

To trim off the ruffle’s raw front edge, I purchased some punched lace with two finished edges and folded it under to the brim’s underside. The finished result looks like this: Also say hello to my new, sized Styrofoam head. Her name is Jane and she is much less camera-shy than me. :)

The boudoir cap. Front view.

The boudoir cap. Side view.

While I was posting this, I have finally washed those 6 yards of white fabrics I will use for the actual night garments. One of them is a very lovely cotton-linen blend and the other a woven Swiss-dot cotton I simply had to get. Just look at it:

The Swiss-dot cotton.


I will keep you posted about how things are going with it, and what it will ultimately turn into. =)


Hoping to see you all soon. Nessa



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