Project Boudoir: Bed-Shift Photos

After finally charging up the camera and setting up everything for the first round of photos in the new living-room, I have captured a few pictures of the finished bed-shift for you. It is made from a light, but cozy, linen-cotton blend and turned out very nicely. I could wear it around the house, day in and day out. The only problem with that endeavor is the rising autumn chill outside….

But, luckily, the pieces of the bed jacket have already been cut out. I patterned it using late-18th and early-19th men’s shirts as a guide. In a little while, I will tell you some more about it all. But, for tonight, here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure:

The front view.


The back view.

The neckline and lacing.

The sleeve with lace trim and gusset.

My first-ever monogram. It says “N.S.”. I picked it out in satin stitch, using an 18th-century alphabet for linen embroidery.


Those are the impressions of the bed-shift so far. I will add more photos once the whole boudoir ensemble is finished and ready for the HSF’s “Re-do” challenge, due on November 15th. But I will blog some more before that as well. ;)


All the best, Nessa

P.S. This weekend, I realized that “Sewing Empire” now has a total of 55 followers, here and on Facebook. It has amazed me to see the blog being received this well. And I would love to thank you for your wonderful feedback and support. Please keep it coming. You are the best. =)



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