HSM 2015 – A Look Ahead

Sadly, year reviews and summaries are absolutely not my thing. This is why, instead of all the retrospection, I will give you a little look ahead into the new year and the HSM challenges I would like to tackle. So far, my plans ahead reach as far as June and there are a few general ideas and sewing wishes on top of that. But, we will see. ;)

First of all, I would like to tell you, how glad I was about your reception of the corselet skirt tutorial. It always feels good to create a post that is helpful to others. And, in fact, after having gone off writing tutorials by the middle of last year, I might try to make a few more now. So, hopefully, there will be a few good opportunities to do so in this coming year…


As far as the first half of HSM challenges go, 2015 will begin with Foundations (yay!) and I have decided to start small, with a pair of split drawers from that certain Simplicity pattern, which has been hiding in the pattern box for some time now:

For the “Blue” challenge to follow, I am planning to use my night-blue wool blend to finally make my version on Kelly’s amazing Regency cloak. I got two 2 1/2 yard pieces of it in a clearance sale and now I am really glad they are blue and not green, like I had originally wanted.

Since I also still need a new Regency-era corset, as a base to continue making a few new dresses and petticoats, that will be my sewing endeavor in March. I will be using the Laughing Moon corset pattern, which is already in my stash, along with my surprisingly big hoard of sateen and twill.

The LMM Regency corset pattern.

The next challenge I already have a concrete idea about is “Practicality” in May. It will be a great excuse to sew and Edwardian dress-apron to wear for sewing. Usually, I end up covering my school clothes in thread and fabric lint while doing needlework. Now I can finally solve that problem in style. ;) There are several dress-apron patterns in my new early-1900s linen book. I envisioned one that looks a little like this, only with a full back:

Full Edwardian apron (Found on http://my-ear-trumpet.tumblr.com).

In June, the first half of the HSM will already be over. For the “Out of Your Comfort Zone” challenge, I will give the 1932 summer dress a chance at last. It had been sitting there, untouched and also a bit intimidating, for over 15 months now. ;)

For the rest of the sewing year, I have not quite decided what to make yet. But, there are at least two more Regency dresses I would like to tackle, a plain white one, with a floral open-robe on top, and a certain red walking ensemble I simply fell in love with. Do you remember it?

1816 Promenade Dress from Wiener Moden-Zeitung.

Promenade Dress from Wiener Moden-Zeitung (c. 1816).

For both projects, the “Elegant Ladies’ Closet” pattern from Sense and Sensibility will be a good starting point. I will try out the pattern by making the white gown first; then I am planning to modify the apron-front version into a shawl-front. As that creates a “false” front of sorts. Perhaps I can enter it into “Sewing Secrets” in October. Hmm…

And then, there is also the issue of the Empress Josephine cap with attached faux curls. I have been drooling over it for quite a while now and the faux hair pieces are already lying in wait. Maybe that is something to make for “Accessorize” in July. We will see.

Empress Josephine’s net cap with faux curls (RNM, Paris).

The last thing stuck in my had, is a, somewhat nutty, idea for this year’s Christmas outfit. I want to make something that may look like an Empire fashion at first glance, but is much older and wilder than that. It will be a Chinese ruqun in the Tang dynasty style. The wish to make it is a relic of the time when I was a tad obsessed with ancient China. And, at first glance this really looks like an oriental Regency fashion plate, right?

Chinese drawing of ruqun from the Tang dynasty.

As far as this project is concerned… you might see it come to life for November’s “Silver Screen” challenge. Of course, I will keep you posted about it and all the other sewing adventures happening on the blog in 2015. I wish you all a relaxed and successful sewing year in 2015.

Love, Nessa



6 thoughts on “HSM 2015 – A Look Ahead

  1. Kura Carpenter says:

    Happy New Year! I’m lookingking forward to seeing what you sew this year.
    Tutorials can be tough. in my experience They take a lot of work and it’s an odd feeling when thousands view them and no one comments. Makes me feel I have written a pile of rubbish and everyone is too polite to say – which hardly seems like usual internet behavior.
    Now when I write them I think, ok, if this helps one person it’s served its purpose. I certainly wouldn’t have been able to do much without all the Tutorials others have shared, including yours, and for that I am always grateful.

    • Nessa says:

      Happy New Year to you, too, Kura. I feel the same way about writing tutorials. But every person you can help makes you very, very happy and, sometimes, you can even learn a little by writing it up, too. :)


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