A Few Updates From Sewing Life

Oh dear, the new is ten whole days old already. I think it is time for a little update about how my sewing has been faring so far. Even though it might be a bit early to say this, I have a feeling this year will be special, at least as far as costume is concerned… ;)

Last weekend I got the chance to kick off the sewing year with a visit to my friend and fellow HSM(F) contributor Britta. We spent the afternoon admiring her wonderful collection of costumes. You might have already seen some of them on her blog, but they are even more awesome in real life.

Thanks to her, I also got the chance to try on an 1860s corset and crinoline for the first time. It was a special feeling. We found a corset that fit me almost perfectly and got a little excited over it. Here are a few pictures. I am wearing her “whipped cream” petticoat from last year’s HSF #1 challenge. Oh, and forgive the striped sweater. Next time I will wear a proper shift underneath, promised. And I am sure there will be a next time, since I seem to have fallen in love…

Wearing an 1860s corset and crinoline for the first time.

Mastering the door frame with 6 m diameter. ;)

The chance to share some costume geekery with a good friend has given me a motivational blast for my sewing. On Monday I started working on my split drawers for the “Foundations” challenge, but the pattern and I still have to become friends. Since I am not really used to working with commercial pattern from big companies, we still need some getting used to each other. The fact that the tables on the envelope told me I was a size 18 came as a bit of a shock.

But, thanks to the support of the HSM Facebook group I got over it rather quickly. I learned that Simplicity patterns contain a somewhat excessive amount of ease and that cutting them one or two sizes smaller is a viable option. Today, I cut out a mock-up in size 14. It still looks a bit wonky to me, but then these are my first historical drawers. Here is a picture of the progress so far. I will keep you posted on how they are coming along.

The (one-legged) drawers mock-up.

In other news, the embroidery fever has infected me again. At the moment, I spent most of the time working on a very late Christmas present for a friend. It is a mini-tapestry featuring her favorite animal: a dragon. Well, actually, it is a baby dragon. I copied the pattern from a childrens’ coloring book and, so far, the little fellow looks like this:

My current embroidery project.

Tonight, I will start filling him with satin- and long-short stitching. I am really excited about how he will turn out. He also still needs an apt name. So far, he is called Leopold-Napoleon. But, perhaps, some of you have some creative name suggestions as well. If so, please let me know. I am very intrigued to hear them. :)

This has been the gist of my sewing year so far. I hope yours has been off to a good start as well. I am much looking forward to seeing the gorgeous costumes everyone will be making. Happy sewing to us all.


See you very soon, Nessa


2 thoughts on “A Few Updates From Sewing Life

  1. avantgarbe says:

    That is a lot of petticoat!

    Good luck on the drawers! I have plans to make some someday, but somehow hidden undergarments always fall at the very end of the todo list (I am still wearing a tank top from target under my victorian dress…)

    • Nessa says:

      Thank you. Actually I just finished the mock-up and it hasn’t turned out so bad. Cutting the pattern two sizes smaller was just the right idea. :) And funnily, my to-do list is the other way around. I often end up doing more underthings than dresses. Maybe we should make this a joint venture some day. ;)


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