HSM #1: Pantalets!

At long last, the pair of pantalets is finished.  And, even though they are a relatively small item to kick off the sewing year, making them has been a little adventure. It started with getting a very sheer cotton batiste at a tiny, crammed fabric store I had not visited before. It was a somewhat special experience and gave me an idea what fabric shopping might have looked like 200 years ago…

Working with the batiste was the next challenge, since there is no sheer fabric without a good bit of fraying to it. But, except for some huffing and puffing while flat-felling the seams, we got along pretty well. The sheerness was also one of the reasons why I hand-sewed everything. Not to mention that I have really, really missed doing that and it was great fun to get back to it.

For this project, I also worked with a commercial “big four” pattern for the first time. From this I learned that Simplicity likes to add loads of ease to their pieces. After being a bit shocked about this, and their respective sizing, I cut the pieces two sizes smaller than the chart suggested. Some people seem to do this as a general rule when using Simplicity patterns. And, after having gone there myself, I understand them very well now. ;)

But, even the biggest adventure comes to an end some time. And here are the result of this one. (Since the “coverage” of split drawers is not all that great, I put them on a hanger for the photos, just to be sure.)

Regency pantalets, front view.

Regency pantalets. back view.

Regency pantalets, lace view. ;)

And, last but not least, here are the challenge facts:

The Challenge: HSM #1 – “Foundations”.

Fabric: 2 meters of cotton batiste.

Pattern: Simplicity 7094, with extended waistband.

Year: Late Regency period (1815-20).

Notions: 1.1 m of punched lace; 1.1 m of cotton bobbin lace; 1.5m satin cord for beading; woven cotton tape for the closure.

How historically accurate is it? As closely as possible. Everything was hand-sewn and I only used cotton materials.

Total cost: €16 for the fabric; € 4 for notions.

Hours to complete: 22 hours.

First worn: Around the house. For a second, I was about to write “for the photos”,  just out of habit.  =)


And that was the round-up of HSM challenge #1 already. Now my fingers are itching to start work on the second one. But I will be out and about this weekend. So the plan is to use the time spent traveling to continue the embroidery project for my friend. I will keep you posted.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone.


Best, Nessa


2 thoughts on “HSM #1: Pantalets!

    • Nessa says:

      Thank you very much, Hana. :) And that’s too true. It is probably also the reason why they were often called “unspeakables” in the era. You wore them, but didn’t show them off so much. I did see a few more pairs around the sewing blogs though. ;)


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