A Quick Museum Tour (With Dresses)

On my weekend out, I finally got the chance to visit a museum that has been on my list since its re-opening in November: The Kunstgewerbemuseum, Berlin. It is a rather small museum, for Berlin standards, but now houses a whole floor of extant garments. As a historical fashion nut, I simply had to go see it. And it was a very interesting visit all around.

Now I would like to share a few select items from the small Georgian and Regency collection with you. Due to the glass cases and the lighting, some of the pictures contain a little glare. I did my best to edit the worst of it away and hope you can still enjoy them. Next time, I will also take better note of the dates given in the display descriptions. But I was so stunned by the dresses, I simply forgot…

Georgian transitional gown (late 1780s-1790s).


Transitional chemise dress with train (1790s-1800).

Chemise dress detail; notice the stem-stitch embroidery on the skirt and center back.

Chemise dress: bodice detail.

White gown with train (1800-1810).

Two white 1810s gowns.

Fringed gown, front view.

Fringed gown, front detail.

Fringe everywhere…

A green pelisse made of wool/silk.

The pelisse in detail.

A pair of brown satin slippers (approx. c.1800).

A good few of these gowns, especially the transitional ones, have really stolen my heart. Perhaps some of you have also fallen in love with a dress, or another. The museum owns some stunning  Edwardian dresses and ensembles as well. But I will save those for a post of its own. :)

Love, Nessa



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