HSM #2: An Early-Regency Cloak

After a short weekend at home, here is the long-promised challenge post for the finished Regency cloak. To start where I left off in the research post, here is a look at the molded fan pleats from the inside of the hood. I even out the gathers with my fingers and then tacked them down with a circle of back-stitches, using a few strands of embroidery floss, for extra durability.

The molded fan pleats (inside view).

Admittedly, this looks somewhat messy, compared to this extant, late 18th-century, example of the technique. But the outside view of the pleats is nearly as pretty, as you will see in the photos below.

Molded fan pleats in an extant cloak (owned by Townsend Historical Society).

Before the final pictures, though, here are the cloak’s challenge details:

The Challenge: HSM #2 – “Blue”

Years: 1790-1800.

Pattern: Kelly’s amazing Regency cloak tutorial, based on an extant garment; plus a few tweaks of my own, as suggested in her original post.

Fabric: Four yards of heavy night-blue cotton blend an 1/2 yard of yellow silk-shot wool for the hood lining.

Notions: Two large hooks and eyes for fastening, regular cotton thread and cotton embroidery floss; self-fabric trim.

How historically accurate is it? As closely as possible, although a big part is machine-sewn.

Hours to complete: Somewhere between studying for exams, I didn’t keep count this time…

Total cost: Since most resources came from my stash and were once scored off the clearance rack, I would say no more than € 15 in total.

First worn: For the photos.

And speaking of photos, here they are. Please excuse the glum face. It is actually a happy look, just the exams season version of it. Hoping to be back with more joyful shots next time. ;)

The front view.

The back view with hood…

… and without.

And another side shot to show off the overall drape and hood shape a bit better.

I am so glad I finished the cloak in time for the challenge deadline, despite February having a few days less to spare. Yet I have a feeling that the cloak will spend another season inside, since spring is almost upon us now.

But it will surely get some awesome moments in the chillier half of the year. And I am much looking forward to it.

All the best, Nessa



6 thoughts on “HSM #2: An Early-Regency Cloak

  1. Nessa says:

    Thank you, Åsa. And luckily I am having a short break between exams this week. I’ll still try to start my corset for the March challenge, but I won’t to over-do it this month and maybe relax with some embroidery in the evenings instead. :)


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