HSM #3: A Regency Sleeve Quickie

After a little break, it is back to studying again. This is why my original plans for the HSM “Stashbusting” challenge were sized down quite a bit. From the new corset, I went to finishing a small, but sweet UFO from a scrap of stashed fabric: A pair of Regency under-sleeves, based on an extant gown, in the Missouri Historical Society’s collection.

The pattern base, taken from an extant cotton gown (c.1805-10).

I sized up the under-sleeve pattern using the Inkscape software and then shortened it all a bit to fit my Hobbit-sized arms. ;) The rest of the project merely consisted of sewing up the center-back seams and hemming both the top and bottom edges. As a final touch, I embroidered a simple line of stem stitches onto the bottom hems to hide the machine-sewing.

Here are some pictures and the challenge details to sum up this, very brief Regency quickie. They are somewhat  blurry, since I took them with my phone. Sorry about that.

The finished under-sleeves: Front view to the left, back view on the right.

Detail of the hand-bound sleeve cap hem.

The Challenge: HSM #3 – “Stashbusting”.

Fabric: 1/2 yard of printed half-linen.

Stashed for: Approximatley 2 years, after grabbing it off a clearance table.

Pattern: From an extant gown owned by the MHS.

Years: 1805-1810.

Notions: Cotton yarn, some white embroidery floss.

How historically accurate is it? Accurate-ish; some seams are done by machine, but the top hem and bottom decoration are hand-finished.

Total cost: Free at this time, perhaps € 3 when I bought it.

Hours to complete: About five hours.

First worn: Not worn, yet. Once I have the right day dress to match, they will be basted to it, period style. ;)


Honestly, this has not been much of a project, but I am very glad that it enabled me to keep on the HSM bandwagon despite the exam season. My next project will also be a bit smaller so that it can be finished in the evenings, as a distraction after study. When I find the time, I will also get started on the corded corset. Since this is only my second corsetry project, I am anxious to see how it will turn out.  As always, I will do my best to keep you posted.

Love, Nessa

P.S.: In case you are interested in the sized-up PDF pattern I used for the under-sleeves, please feel free to contact me. :)




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