Josephine’s Toque: The Complete Embroidery

Just in time for the challenge, the toque’s embroidery is finished. And, as promised to Lady Constance in the previous post, here is a glimpse at the results. Even though I have never worked with gold thread, net fabric or beads before, the outcome is rather neat. After washing off the blue pattern marker, I was really  stunned for a moment.

Especially the beading was much easier than expected. I finished the scallops on the band over the past two evenings, using this simple outline stitch. Although, I recommend using a hoop, to keep the fabric smooth and more manageable. ;)

The leaves on the toque’s crown, however, were a little less easy-going. They are stem-stitched, using two strands of textured gold floss. Since this kind of metallic thread has a mind of its own, it took me about a week to figure out the right amount of tightness and the best direction to pull through the stitches. But, after that initial phase, working the leaves was great fun.

Long story short, here are the pictures:

The Crown

The crown’s embroidery of golden leaves, worked in stem stitch.

A closer look at the leaves.

The Band

The toque’s band, embroidered with small white seed beads. :)

Even though my toque’s design is not as elaborate as Josephine’s original gold braid and bees, I am still proud of finishing it in time. Now, on to line the band and gather up the crown. I am hoping to share the completed toque with you soon.

Until then, please have a nice evening and a wonderful weekend. :)

Best, Nessa


4 thoughts on “Josephine’s Toque: The Complete Embroidery

  1. Nessa says:

    Thank you, Mimi. =) It is as good as finished now. I have just sewn up the last seam and since the HSM challenge I am making it for will end tomorrow, I will try and take some photos, once it is dried after washing out the last of the pattern marker. :)


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