I Will Start My Corset … Tomorrow

The time has come: I am finally out of good excuses for not starting the Laughing Moon Regency corset. My motivator to get this project rolling at last is June’s HSM challenge, which is aptly named “Out Of My Comfort Zone”. Its goal is to make a fashion item from a period that is new to you, or employing a technique you have not used before.

Since the Regency period is not quite new to me anymore, I will make the corset for this challenge because it employs two new-to-me, and rather discomforting, techniques: Cording and the use of metal boning.

It is my luck that this particular corset pattern has very well-written instructions. Furthermore, it has been made and reviewed favorably by many other Regency costumers. This fact, and the existence of a support group on Facebook, really eases my nerves. And, to further rule out the unnerving effects of time pressure, I have extended my personal challenge deadline to late August.

The LMM Corded Regency Corset pattern.

Thus far, I have already gathered a few of the supplies: 48″ of corset laces, a skein of cord and two metal busks. Once I have made a first mock-up and determined how much boning the back section will require, I will go ahead and place an order for it as well. The fabric is already here, too: White cotton twill for the inner layer and the same yardage of cotton sateen for the outer part. In case I should end up making a bad slip-up, I bought a little more than twice the amount given on the pattern. ;)

The first batch of corsetry supplies: Corset lace, busks and cord.

When ordering the supplies, I also got twice the amount of busks required, namely two. One is of the recommended length (12″), while the other is 2 inches shorter. I took this little precaution, since I am slightly shorter than the average lady. As a result, most garments need a bit of shortening to fit me properly. And, in this special case, a shorter corset might also require a shorter busk.

The cord I am using comes from a rather amusing source as well. It is actually kitchen twine, also know as butcher’s string. The pattern instructions list it as a suitable substitute for regular cotton cord. Just like the cording from the craft store, it can tolerate both soaking and higher temperatures, such as those it might encounter in the wash. And, in fact, it is not very pricey either: I have bought this 100-yard skein for under €3 at a local drug store. Yay. :)

That is how matters stand on the corset front so far. And I will do my best to get started tomorrow… honestly this time. If not, you are free to pick up one of the busks and nudge me. ;)

I wish you a pleasant rest of the week and hope to see you all again soon.

Love, Nessa


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