We Have A Dragon

Just before I got cracking on my corset mockup, I finally finished the embroidery project I have been working on since January: A dragon-themed wall hanging. It is for my special friend Lauren who has just moved house. Very recently, she has also started out as a self-published author of children’s books. She is a huge fan of dragons, so it was not hard to decide decide on an embroidery design: Naturally, it became a dragon. :)

I patterned the design onto a piece of green canvas. As a base, I used the line drawing of a baby dragon in a coloring book. When I last showed it to you, just after stitching the outlines, it looked like this:

The outlined baby dragon.

I filled out the shapes with different shades of green for the scales and some pink and purple highlights for the wings and tail. To make it all look a little scaly, like it is usual for dragons, I mainly worked with tiny satin stitches. It took ages, but worked out pretty well. The rest, like the wings and the edge of the ears, were worked in tight rows of stem stitch. I also added some writing, worked in stem stitch to complete the hanging.

When all the stitching was in place, I hemmed the edges and attached a piece of self-fabric for backing. As a finishing touch, I stitched a small heart to the bottom right corner, using red wax beads. Now here is the finished product. All it needs now, is a little ironing:

The finished wall hanging.

I am very glad it is finally done. Lauren has already had a glimpse at it and she liked it as well. Now I only need to wait for the mail carriers to end their strike, so I can send it to her, all the way across the big pond. Now I shall go back to corset-making and some Waterloo-related research. I will try and tell you some more about the latter bit very soon. Maybe it will even be just in time for the 200th anniversary on Thursday. We will see. ;)

All the best, Nessa



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