Stumbling into a Georgian Room

Last week, I went to visit a local museum, the Behnhaus-Drägerhaus in Lübeck. It is an amazing place that has been there all my life. Set up in two Georgian townhouses, it combines displays of 18th, 19th and 20th-century art with period rooms that are filled with Georgian and Regency furniture. The experience was very immersive as… Continue reading Stumbling into a Georgian Room


CoBloWriMo 2017 in Reflection

Here is my reflection post, fashionably late as so often, to look back on an exciting month of blogging. Before embarking on the CoBloWriMo journey for the first time, I was really not sure if I could get out a post every day. But then the blog was in a horrible backlog and it left… Continue reading CoBloWriMo 2017 in Reflection


Why I sew and love Regency costume (CoBloWriMo Days 4 & 5)

Yesterday was spent boning the 1620s stays. And, yay, they are officially boned now! Photos will follow. So tonight is spent catching up on the CoBloWriMo fun I have missed. The prompts for the past two days have been to blog about our favorite era and to tell the story of how we got into… Continue reading Why I sew and love Regency costume (CoBloWriMo Days 4 & 5)


Regency Gown News

Last time I mentioned that I had some exciting news on the white drop-front Regency gown I am making. Here is the story: The gown was all planned, fabric set aside, measurements taken and pattern drawn. And then I went fabric shopping... As fellow fabric addicts collectors, you will know what it is like when… Continue reading Regency Gown News


Monsieur Kobold Wishes Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, everyone! To celebrate this most eerie occasion I have found a Regency "ghost story" to share with you. It was first published in Ackermann's Repository on March 1st, 1824 and tells the tale of a spooky prank servants played on their master, a French Major. While it is not really a spine-tingler, it… Continue reading Monsieur Kobold Wishes Happy Halloween!

Dreamy, Embroidery

The Art Of Getting Side-Tracked

This September is being a really busy month around here. Since my last blog post, I have slithered from the holiday in France, straight into the new student job at uni and onward into studying for the second block of exams. And, during this whole time, I have really missed the blog and reading about… Continue reading The Art Of Getting Side-Tracked


The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

On Thursday night, my fellow blogger Crystal at Adventures in Bias Tape provided me with the most awesome surprise: A blog award! Even now, three days later, I am overjoyed to receive her nomination. As always, I am very, very happy when others like my blog and enjoy the things I write about as much… Continue reading The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award


Thoughts On Two Splendid Chance Encounters, In A Less Splendid Place

The following post is a bit different from the usual ones. It is not about historical sewing exactly, but about a fashion-related topic that has made my inner seamstress slightly thoughtful of late. Perhaps some of you have made similar observations and can relate to it a little: Generally, I am no big fan of discount outlet stores.… Continue reading Thoughts On Two Splendid Chance Encounters, In A Less Splendid Place


Edwardian Practicality & Other Joys

The past two weeks have been pretty eventful, in a good way. Today I have finally found a moment to share some of these recent news and updates with you. They all have to do with sewing and that makes them even more joyful. Firstly, the embroidery on Josephine's Regency toque is making steady progress.… Continue reading Edwardian Practicality & Other Joys


Cloak Progress: Folding the trim

For the HSM "Blue" challenge,  I am finally getting to make the Regency cloak that has been on my project wish list for so long. And I really owe you a research post to get the whole project rolling properly.  There is just one tiny, little holdup: term finals. So I have been meaning to… Continue reading Cloak Progress: Folding the trim