Bordering on Pretty – Muslin Embroidery Borders

Hello everyone,

At the moment, I am really pining to embroider something. So, tonight I went through the drawings from my last scavenger hunt through the fashion institute. And in there, I found three lovely patterns I would like to share with you. They are three border patterns for muslin embroidery from the 1816 collection of Ackermann’s Repository. As it really hurt me to take photos of such a sensitive old document, I copied the patterns by hand and touched them up a little for your viewing pleasure.


Border embroidery pattern from Ackermann’s Repository (1816)


Border embroidery pattern from Ackermann’s Repository (1816)


Border embroidery pattern from Ackermann’s Repository (1816)

I found the second pattern especially curious. It would make a great starting point for some needlepoint lace. That is something I am currently learning after finally getting the hang of a decent buttonhole stitch. I would love to embellish my chemise with it. Of course I will keep you posted and get back to you with a handy lace-making tutorial once it is happening.

And now that we are on the topic of learning new things: There is something else crafty I will get to learn this Saturday. :D But that is still a little secret, so psst. ;)
I will let you in on it all soon, in my next post. Wait for it…