Dreamy, Project Boudoir

Project Boudoir: The Complete Ensemble

As promised in the Making-of, here is a quick picture post of the completed Regency boudoir ensemble. I finally finished the bed-jacket yesterday and got to enter it into the HSF's "Re-Do" challenge. All in all, I am very happy with it. It goes along nicely with the bed shift. At first, I was a… Continue reading Project Boudoir: The Complete Ensemble

Hands-on, Project Boudoir

Project Boudoir: Making the Bed-Jacket

Hello again. :) After a row of evenings spent sewing up the Regency bed-jacket, I have finally made some time to tell you about the making-of. It all started out with wondering about how to pattern a  bed-jacket at all. It is not really a staple Regency item, sewn by costumers and hence, there are… Continue reading Project Boudoir: Making the Bed-Jacket

Dreamy, Project Boudoir

Project Boudoir: Bed-Shift Photos

After finally charging up the camera and setting up everything for the first round of photos in the new living-room, I have captured a few pictures of the finished bed-shift for you. It is made from a light, but cozy, linen-cotton blend and turned out very nicely. I could wear it around the house, day… Continue reading Project Boudoir: Bed-Shift Photos

Hands-on, Project Boudoir

Project Boudoir: The Bed-Shift Pattern

Now that the holidays are over and real life has me back, it is time to get a little more "real" about the bedtime attire. I am glad that the bed-shift has made some really nice progress and is as good as finished. But, today, I would like to take you back to the start… Continue reading Project Boudoir: The Bed-Shift Pattern

Dreamy, Project Boudoir

Project Boudoir: Regency Nightwear

Before I vanish for a short trip down south, it is due time to finally share some research on Regency-era nightwear with you. As mentioned before, the materials to be found online are not as plentiful as usual. There are, however, a few rather good ones I will also list for you below. I will… Continue reading Project Boudoir: Regency Nightwear

Hands-on, Project Boudoir

Project Boudoir: The Cap

And here is the promised look at the first boudoir garment I finished a few days ago: A simple dressing cap, or boudoir cap. These were worn while the lady was in the process of dressing for the day, to protect the clothes from stray hairs, to hide curlers, or the out-of-bed hair mess some… Continue reading Project Boudoir: The Cap

Project Boudoir

Introducing: Project Boudoir

Hello again everyone, After the heads-up on my autumn sewing plans in the last post, it is due time I revealed a little more to you. As I have already mentioned last time, I am going to make a few cozy Regency items for the cold season awaiting ahead. Perhaps you have already guessed what… Continue reading Introducing: Project Boudoir