The Sewing List

Here you will find a list of my ongoing and planned sewing projects, a summary of the progress on each and the related blog posts. Now that I am reunited with my sewing supplies, I am looking forward to filling this list with some life. :)

Ongoing Projects:

  • Cross-over Ball Gown: Started the research here: Gloves On, Research Up – On Period Journals By now, I have also found, and ordered, a fitting red cotton sateen fabric with a texture close to the atlas silk used for the original. Maybe you will get to see it soon. :)
  • An Embroidered  Reticule

Planned Projects:

  • A Riding or Coach Habit (Redingote)
  • A Straw Summer Bonnet
  • A Day Dress with Lace and a Train
  • A Sheer Muslin Ball Gown
  • A String-Tied Open-front Overdress
  • Various Regency Sleeves and Undersleeves
  • An Edwardian corselet skirt
  • An Edwardian Shirtwaist


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